English Inevitably Determines Your Future

English Inevitably Determines Your Future

Written English

1.)  SC 1
       a.) Parts Of Speech 1 (Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb)
       b.) Parts Of Speech 2 (Verb, Conj, Prep, Interjection)
       c.) Sentence ( Verbal, Nominal)

2.)   SC 2
       a.)16 tense
       b.)Passive voice

3.)   SC 3
       a.) Konsep 2 kejadian
       b.) Tag question
       c.) Direct-indirect speech

4.)   SC 4
       a.) Modal auxiliary (may, can, could, etc)
       b.) Degree of coparison (positive, comperative, superlative)
       c.) Conditional subjungtive

5.)   SC 5
       a.) Adjective clause
       b.) Noun clause
       c.) Adverbial clause

6.)   SC 6
      a.) Gerund
      b.) Participle
      c.) To invinitive

NB : - Setiap SC (section class) berlangsung selama 20x pertemuan
        - Setiap kelas maksimal 16 orang

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