English Inevitably Determines Your Future

English Inevitably Determines Your Future

Tips How to Memorize A New Vocabulary Effectively

As a learner concerning about the second language such as english, we may be easy to forget a new vocabulary that we received. It is often happened to someone who just knows the meaning of the vocabulary without further understanding about it. Beneath is some tips to memorize vocabulary effectively.

To remember is to understand. This is easy to do but many people claim this as a waste. As an english learners, we should not underestimate a simple thing especially for our progress in english. When we receive one vocabulary, inevetably we just find out the meaning of it then remember it. That is what is called by waste, meaningless or useless because ten seconds later, it will be faded away from our mind. So, all you have to do to keep it rememberred is try to understand the part of speech of the vocabulary. At this point, you will understand the diversity of vocab’s forms just do not stop there. Next step you have to do is see the example of vocab’s use in a sentence or you can make one as your own will. Well, this method needs a patience to conduct but very effective.

To write is to tie it up. A wise man told us that writing is an effort to keep the knowledge alive and to determine the existence of writers. This as analogy of an effort of the learner in remembering something new such as new vocabulary but next question will be do we just write it down or any certain way to write it? The later will be the one that we will discuss.  You need to prepare small paper like a card, then you write at least ten vocabularies in that card per day, you bring it all day like 24 hours you read it till u feel familiar. You may read it once or twice in one hour. Once you conduct it, on the next day you  do the same thing but with new card and vocabularies. In a week you will have 70 vocabularies then you haveto read them all in a last day of the week. Do not be greedy. Just do it consistently you will see the progress.

Langugae is how often you use it. For the learners who intensively wants to master english especially in speaking, they are suggested to stay at english camp as much as possible. You will be required to speak english every time you talk. This will lead you to practice or say your new vocab to someone you meet. Still need one of those ways above just in this case you will accelerate the way you memorize it even you do not feel like you memorize many vocabularies. Sometimes you just keep remembering everything new from your friends in terms of vocabularies when you are having discussion or just small talk without realizing that you are actually trying to memorize it.

Commitment is needed for everything you do. Usually a learner will feel bored with doing same stuffs everyday. In this condition, Just remember your first purpose to learn english then put that back down rest for a day or two by having a vacation, visit tourism destination, refresh your brain, throw stress away. After that, get back in keep forward to learn english make new bright spirit then you will get what you want

There actually many ways to keep this in your mind such as imagining that words to a form if it can be described or you may understand word "cup" because you imagine it immediately. you may memorize a new vocab with our first langauga, seek the resemble in term of how you pronounce it or you may read the definition or description of a vocabulary that you recieve. At this point, you may learn new vocabulary just do not get confuse to understand the definition of that word.

You may show us your own way in memorizing vocabularies so that we can learn together by giving comment below. Thank you

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